Product or Service:

A new specialty mud chemical used in drilling fluids: The product can control drilling fluid seepages and huge losses occurring during the drilling operations. With it, the drilling process can be safer, faster and more economical with better results on the eventual production of the well being drilled.

Drilling Optimization Services:
1. The use of smart reamer shoes to help run the casing to total depth efficiently and economically.
2. The use of Tornado tool as part of the drill string to minimize drilling problems and drill high integrity wells.
3. The use of an enzymatic solution to improve the productivity of used and new wells by cleaning out the pores of reservoir rocks.
4. The use of drilling fluid additives (such as Super Squeeze from the USA) for borehole stabilization.
5. The use of Slider technology to increase the efficiency of downhole motors and MWD directional systems.


1- Longhorn- Canada: Smart Reamer Shoe, for landing casing string on total depth drilled

2- Drilling Innovation- Russia: Tornado tool for siphoning drilled cuttings swiftly

3- Dupont – Holland: Holezyme product

4- Masitech- USA: Aphron Mud, product line and services

5- Shlumberger- USA: Slider Technology service for automated directional navigation of the drill bit.

6- Mitsubishi- Japan: Gas Turbines and Heavy Rotating Machinery repair and maintenance

7- Sundrilling – USA: Blacknite, for controlling shale heaving in the well bore


Currently; between ACC and Wildcat there are nearly 25,000 staff and labor.
For ACCW work, we will have six directors and the CEO, and then, depending on the success of the project taken, we will be using subcontracted staff to perform occurring projects and would hire the needed staff, if any.